5 x 21mm colored dowels, color DA0-0, 250 grams

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This bag contains 250 grams of colored dowels (birch wood sticks of approximately 21mm in length and a diameter of 5mm) are fun to use with art and craft projects. We saw and dye these dowels ourselves in a bath with fabric paint. The dowels are deburred in our 'wood tumbler'. Wood is a natural product and therefore some imperfections can not be ruled out.

Size: 5mm x 21mm
Color: DA0-0 (see the table below for all the colors we offer).
Number of dowels: approximately 900 pieces (bag of 250 grams, a dowel weighs 0,28 grams on average)

We use the dowels ourselves, for our project Dowel Art, see https://www.dowelart.com



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