Auger drill bit for wood, 13x230mm

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Auger drill bit for wood with a hexagonal shaft, to be used in drilling machines.


Diameter: 13mm
Length: 230mm

This spiral-shaped auger drill bit has a front cutter and a sharp centering point. This is useful to position the auger correctly. The wood chips are neatly removed so you drill a smooth hole. Auger drills are specially designed to drill deep holes. You will need to drill slowly (at a low rpm).

We sell the following sizes of auger drills for wood:

- diameters: 6.0 to 40mm
- lengths: 230 to 460mm

Overall length (ol) 230 mm
Shaft diameter (d) 13 mm
Cutting diameter 13 mm
Purpose material Wood
Tool type Drill bit



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