Padlock 38 mm with 3 keys, type 3

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less than 0.140 kg

fits in 6.5x4.0x2.0 cm (WxDxH)

€ 3.95 tax incl.

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Padlock 38 mm with 3 keys.

We have the following 5 types in stock:

Type 1: cabinet of about 20mm wide x 20mm high, diameter bracket: 3mm
Type 2: cabinet of about 32mm wide x 30mm high, diameter bracket: 5mm
Type 3: Cabinet of about 38mm wide x 33mm high, diameter bracket: 5.7mm
Type 4: cabinet of about 50mm wide x 40mm high, diameter bracket: 7.3mm
Type 5: Cabinet of about 60mm wide x 50mm high, diameter bracket: 8.7mm

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