About us

Wood and tools webshop: the mini DIY shop for businesses and private use.

We are Wood and Tools. In 2016 we opened our webshop and started selling products to let people create products from wood, non-ferro metals, plastics and more. We also sell the base materials like hardwood and aluminum. We try to sell the same products that we use ourselves. In other words: in our shop you can find the supplies that we trust and we think are useful. Every now and then we post an item about something we made in our blog (see 'blog' in the menu). At the end of 2017 our shop contained more than a 1000 different products, at the end of 2018 even 2000.

Our products

  • Delivery anywhere in the world

    We deliver our wood and tools from the Netherlands (our warehouse) to anyone in almost every country but especially europe. Our office and warehouse are located in the Netherlands.

  • High quality

    We try to use and test every new product that we add to our webshop, this is our first test if a product meets our quality standards. If the quality disappoints or if we get complaints about a certain product we consider removing it from the webshop.


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