Set carabiners: 10 pieces, 10 colors

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less than 0.300 kg

fits in 20.0x15.0x2.9 cm (WxDxH)

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Carabiners, 10 pieces, made of aluminium (lightweight) to carry 100 kg each.

Suitable for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing, as a keychain and more.
Not for climbing.
This is a set of 10 colors:

length: 80 mm

diameter: 8 mm
width: 42 mm
weight: 22 grams

1. black
2. black orange
3. orange
4. light blue
5. red
6. light green
7. purple
8. yellow
9. dark blue
10. pink

Please note that the actual colors may differ slightly from the picture (due to exposure, etc.).



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